Doulas and Cesarean Birth

We have the privilege of supporting all types of birth, including cesarean birth. We support families who have elective cesarean births, those who learn ahead of time that the safest way for their baby to be born is by cesarean and families who have an unanticipated cesarean birth after laboring. We have attended many cesarean births and been in the OR with families for the majority of them. 

For planned belly births, we are able to plan ahead and can sometimes confirm with your care providers ahead of time that we will be welcomed into the OR. Ultimately, this decision is made by the anesthesiologist attending the birth. At our prenatal visits we cover cesarean birth preferences – there are still a lot of things you can do to ensure your wishes are met at your birth. We meet the birthing family at the hospital for check in and help create a sacred space for your to prepare to welcome your baby. We might use foot rubs and massage, essential oils, breathing techniques and sometimes a little humor! 

Whether planned, or situational our care always includes informational support and normalizing how things are going. If we are invited into the OR we, suit up and grab our cameras! Usually we wait in the hallway with the birth partner while mama is being prepped. Once in the OR, we keep a close eye on partners to ensure they are feeling well, we offer reassurances to mom that certain feelings and sensations are normal and remind her that her vitals are being closely watched and all is well. We photograph the journey and baby’s birth. If we are not permitted to join you in the OR, we wait your return and then welcome you back with your baby. We usually spend several hours with families post cesarean birth, compared with the 1-2 post vaginal birth. In this time, we help make sure mama is settling in. It can take a little bit, some women require more time to recover. If this is the case, we encourage and support skin to skin with the birth partner, while nurturing the mother. When mama is feeling ready, we can help support breastfeeding and family bonding.

All birth is beautiful, and we love supporting families through their unique journey.

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