Due to the Covid19 virus, we have reorganized the way we are providing doula support. While we hope the corona virus resolves quickly, for now we are here for you and resourcing you more than before. We are practicing social distancing and we are prioritizing safety while educating and supporting families emotionally. Here are some of the ways we are supporting our clients right now:


1. In addition to our regularly contracted four hours of prenatal support, we are offering 30 minute weekly check ins.
2. Childbirth education geared towards your personal questions and needs. Giving you the information that is right for your set of knowledge from basic to advanced education.
3. Loading up partners' tool bag with more ways to support the mama in labor. More positions, touch, verbal affirmations, tips and empowerment.
4. Virtual brainstorming for birthing with the current restrictions.
5 .Emotional support. We are here for you. You can reach out.
6. We will be linking our pregnant families together through zoom upon request. Virtual villages are being created for families with similar due dates so that you can stay connected in community. Learn from and support each other.