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What tools and skills to we bring to a birth?

Preparing for birth is like packing for travel in an unknown land and an uncertain adventure. You deserve an experienced doula by your side to navigate the unfolding process and she needs to have a wealth of knowledge and a basket filled with tools along with tips and tricks to help keep families as comfortable as possible. 

Every baby, birth story and family are so unique that we are constantly reaching for a different set of skills within the doula scope of practice. We never know which tools are going to be utilized at any individual birth and we come prepared to weave the ideal set of tools together for your birth.  We carry a TENS unit, massage tools and hot/cold packs. Aromatherapy is often used, peppermint is great for nausea, lavender for relaxation, citrus to be reenergized. We use rebozos for belly sifting and lifts. We can pull twinkle lights out to soften the light.

In addition to the tools in our bags we almost always use our hands and we help guide your breath and offer suggestions positioning work for both mom and baby. We have taken classes on labor, massage, positioning, communication and breath. We are always on the look out for ways to continue developing our doula skills. The role of a doula changes as the birth changes. In active labor an experienced doula brings a full skill set for breathing, relaxation, massage, advocacy, distraction, normalization, encouragement and more.  As labor changes and shifts new breathing techniques, positions, compresses and touch are needed. As experienced birth doulas we know that often the most important tool in our bag of tricks is offering compassion, honesty and the ability to be with what is.

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